Your app - in a big way

In order for someone to use your app, it must first be found! Smarketer, a high-performing agency for professional app marketing via Google AdWords, will stand side by side with you. Thanks to tactical advertising strategies geared directly at your target group, your downloads – and interaction with your app – will soon improve markedly. Profit from our know-how and the advantages that AdWords has to offer.

  1. More interaction with your app and app downloads
  2. Invoicing based on AdWord’s cost-per-click model
  3. Get an edge on the competition with targeted ads
  4. Performance-oriented optimizing of your app campaigns

Currently an incredible 1.5 million apps are available on the biggest platforms ‚Google Play‘ and the Apple App Store – with an upward tendency. Not only is mobile traffic for Google searches dramatically on the increase but, thanks to the prevalence of high-end mobile devices, the use of applications is also on the upswing. In the light of this huge wealth of apps, new developments can easily get lost in the shuffle, indeed, without professional app marketing you can wait a long time for someone to make a download.

Advantages to mobile app marketing

With Google AdWords and the integrated AdMob Network, you will have enormous reach at your disposal as you try to raise awareness for your app! Profit from a high-performing system that only makes you pay when your ad is clicked. You are provided with a wealth of information on your target group, which enables you to keep a vigilant eye on the campaign’s performance. In contrast to many other advertising networks, Google AdWords’ mode of operation is completely transparent, allowing optimization based on performance marketing goals (for example, CPI / cost-per-install, as is customary for apps).

But AdWords can even be useful for established apps. Certain kinds of campaigns can increase User engagement for your app, thereby increasing your revenues! Google AdWords also makes it easy to select high-quality Users based on demographic characteristics or interests.

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We would be pleased to advise you on possible strategies for achieving a profit with your app in the long-run, or how you can increase your downloads in the quickest way. We will develop all the necessary campaigns and perfect them based on your performance objectives. We can even realize international campaigns across the globe for you. This way you can test new markets without spending a lot of money or taking a risk.

Check out our blog entry on „App-Marketing“