Reach your target group daily

Gmail Sponsored Promotions – Google’s email service ‚Gmail is becoming ever more popular and the number of accessible Users is on the rise. The advantage of email promotions is that Users check their emails several times a day and email inboxes can be checked on all end user devices. Thanks to so-called ‚frequency capping‘, your promotions are shown no more than four times a week and you can rest assured that Users aren’t getting annoyed by your ads.

  1. Very cost effective cost-per-click & high click rates
  2. Costs accrue only per click on the ad, clicks to the website are free-of-charge
  3. Optimal branding evaluation thanks to Gmail statistics
  4. Customized ads using your corporate design
With AdWord’s Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) in conjunction with the know-how of our experts, you can reach your target groups exactly where they can be found several times each day, namely checking their emails. Nowadays, ninety-six percent of all Internet users also use emails, which have become an integral part of our lives. Information can be transmitted faster than ever. And marketing managers should no longer wait for their advertising to be seen by chance. Instead, they should use a direct approach to address target groups. Google AdWords has been working with this goal in mind right from the beginning and constantly strives to develop new advertising formats that enable even more compelling, precisely-tailored appeals. Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) refers to ad formats designed specifically for Gmail (Google’s email service), which allow Gmail users to be reached in an innovative way.

Advantages of GSP

Profit from lower CPCs, higher click rates and higher performance than with normal display ads. Ads that are customized to your business secure more attention and enhance your profile among new customers. And, they help you re-engage customers that you already have. AdWords’ focus is on context and target groups so that you can reach exactly the type of Users that are relevant for your company.

With GSP, you also benefit from Adwords‘ standard price model where you only pay whenever someone clicks your ad.

You have a say in what the ad will look like. Jointly, we can add your corporate design, your images and your wording to ads. Depending on the type of enterprise, GSPs can be made available in various formats with calls-to-action for ads that promote a service or products. Gmail Sponsored Promotions, thus, are suitable for all types of businesses.

GSP – Gmail-sponsored promotions

Jointly with you, our specialists will develop a strategy for your GSP campaign that is nicely-tailored to your target group and objectives. Depending on how you want to align them, these ads appeal to a broad target group and promote brand recognition and recall. An ad that is customized to a strictly-defined target group influences purchasing decisions and boosts sales.

As a certified AdWords agency, GSP has become standard practice for us as we go about our business. First, we analyze the possibilities this advertising format holds for a particular case. Only subsequently, would we put GSPs to use for your business. Any GSP campaign we become involved in is subject to constant monitoring and optimization measures so that we can achieve long-term, sustainable results.

Does your business have an international footprint? Do you want to reach customers abroad? No problem. After all, Gmail is the world’s most widely used email service. You can even opt for a focus on target markets in several countries; this is possible with all the ad formats offered by Google AdWords – including GSP.

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