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Increasing brand recognition with Google Display

Smarketer takes care of all your work in creating ads for you in the Google Display Network. We’ll design your display ads and put in place a personalized marketing strategy to draw attention from the desired target groups. Targeted advertising on niche websites, blogs, forums etc. will increase the odds that a visitor to your online shop will subsequently also become a customer.

  1. Google Display Network: Placing ads on thematically-relevant websites
  2. Customized advertising for interested users
  3. Place text ads or even image, video or interactive ads
  4. The more precisely the ads are directed to the target group the higher the conversion rate
Smarketer will optimize your Google Display Network ads. The Google Display Network offers you an opportunity to design an ad that is fully customized to a specific target group. The more popular a product category, the more important it is that your offering stands out from a crowd. The opportunities that the Google Display Network offers go well beyond conventional marketing measures. Ads that are placed in a targeted way on websites relating to your products – or services – will dramatically enhance awareness of your company. In addition to placing a text ad, you also have the possibility of using an image or video ad to draw attention to your products.

Targeted advertising with the Google Display Network

In contrast to conventional Google AdWords ads that show up in Google’s search result lists, your display ads are placed within websites. The Display Network offers you tools to create ads that fall into specific categories of interest; doing so boosts their customization and enhances their appeal to the customers your are targeting. We support you in optimally allocating your advertising budget over Google AdWords: Get the most clicks for the smallest amount of money. Through reports about the reach of your ads and the frequency of clicks, you can track the success of your display ads.

How Smarketer optimizes your Google AdWords ads

Smarketer optimizes your display advertising. As certified Google AdWords experts, we offer you the chance to get your Internet presence furnished with a professional design and to lift your marketing options to a new level. We can set up a new AdWords account for you and create your Google display ads. By means of the planning and execution that we handle down to the smallest detail, we make sure that your advertising measures reach your target group and substantially increase the conversion rate.

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