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Google Shopping makes your products visible

Smarketer and Google Shopping

As holds true for AdWords ads, a targeted and effective strategy is also crucial when creating Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Optimizing your product feeds is part of the comprehensive marketing service that Smarketer offers. Moreover, to achieve lasting success, we’ll keep a vigilant eye on your Google ads and make an ongoing effort to develop your advertising strategy.

Quick overview of PLAs

  1. Google Shopping: Google’s price comparison portal for online shopping
  2. PLA – Product Listing Ad: Ad with product information and an image that you can place over Google’s Merchant Center
  3. Your customers will benefit from clearly presented products and prices
  4. You benefit from increased sales thanks to Smarketer’s data feed optimizing
Smarketer helps you optimize the product feeds, thus enhancing the quality of delivered results. The price comparison service ‚Google Shopping‘ offers a powerful marketing strategy for acquiring customers. Over the Google Merchant Center, you can list your products with the help of Product Listing Ads (PLAs). They are displayed in order or relevance to potential customers. This sorting is generated by Google itself. Just like with Google AdWords, sponsoring plays a key role here. A well-maintained data feed, however, is at least equally important. By the way: Google Shopping takes advantage of the high rate of search queries via universal search. The so-called ‚OneBox‘ will show the products listed in Google Shopping that have the highest relevance to the search query.

Preconditions for the use of Google Shopping

To submit your products to Google Shopping, you need a Merchant Center account that is linked with your Google AdWords account. This is where you make available product details such as a photo, price and your dealer name for the PLAs. The PLA conversion rate is higher than that of standard AdWords ads consisting of pure text. To make sure your product appears at the front line, Google Shopping doesn’t use keywords; instead, it uses information from the Merchant Center’s product feed, which includes the product name, price, a photo and a product description.

Smarketer makes your products visible

Smarketer will professionalize your Google AdWords account. Thus, in addition to using pure text adverts, we can help you sell your goods by also using PLAs. We help you to link your AdWords account with the Merchant Center and support you in optimizing your data feed. Moreover, we will permanently monitor the performance of your ads and perfect your Google AdWords strategy. Count on us to always be available with guidance for your marketing campaign.

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