We 'mobile-ize' your advertising

More and more people use mobile devices. With Google mobile advertising, you can appeal to User groups in a targeted way and increase your click rate by using mobile-optimized ads. Your ads will be displayed on mobile devices in the Google search results, on content websites and in apps.

  1. Efficient mobile-optimized campaigns with high click rates
  2. With a click-to-call: call-only ads for mobile devices
  3. Strong partners for mobile websites
  4. Ads run in the search and display networks
Without any doubt, mobile devices are here to stay. Indeed, in some areas, mobile queries have already outpaced queries coming from desktop computers. Connect with your target group even when you’re on the road. Have your AdWords campaigns been optimized for mobile devices? With Smarketer at your side, you can count on the support of a strong agency to launch a successful mobile marketing campaign with AdWords.

High click rates with mobile-optimized ads

Google puts great emphasis on making sure that a page is also optimized for mobile devices. We want individuals to get the best possible User experience on their mobile devices too. Mobile ads using Google AdWords can be specifically-aligned for use with mobile telephones. In fact, here the click rate is often significantly higher than for ads that aren’t optimized for mobiles. Mobile-optimized text ads can be placed both in the search and in the display network.

Increase your brand recognition with mobile display advertising

It is crucial that display adverts are adapted to the requirements of mobile devices so that you can run them in the Display Network on Smartphones and tablets. Use this option to improve your brand recognition and help grow your business. In fact, Users who have seen an ad on various devices will be able to recall the brand vastly better than a User who has seen it on only one medium.

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