Attract customers through targeted marketing campaigns

Smarketer categorizes and analyses User activity on your website so that we can create customized advertising for visitors to your website. Remarketing is an outstanding possibility for setting up and running more specifically targeted marketing campaigns. But remarketing also serves to re-engage Users who already know your site.

  1. Remarketing: customized ads for visitors to your online shop
  2. Your AdWords and display ads will be seen by Users who already know your website
  3. Re-direct hesitant users back to your online shop
  4. You benefit by re-engaging lapsed customers and recapturing sales

Get more customers with remarketing

Online dealers are all too familiar with this problem: High website traffic that doesn’t pan out in terms of revenues. Clever remarketing is needed to address this imbalance and to tap into the purchasing power of hesitant customers. As with every outstanding advertising strategy, sensitization to the needs of potential customers pays off. In the Internet, often split seconds decide whether someone will ’stay or leave’, in other words, whether someone becomes a customer or remains a fleeting visitor. With strategic savvy you can reach customers you thought you’d lost but who may just need a little nudge so you can make that sale. Clever remarketing comes in where a User has already visited your website but left it without taking action. Your ads will appear to these Users on other websites that are part of the Google Display Network or as AdWords ads in Google’s search result list. What’s special about this approach is that remarketing ads are only displayed to Users who have already been on your website and have thus demonstrated interest in your products or services.


Optimize your remarketing with Smarketer

Smarketer will create suitable remarketing ads for you. We analyze your User activity and compile User categories from this information to generate perfectly customized advertising. Remarketing allows you to even more concretely tailor your Google AdWords campaigns to both existing and potential customers. Google AdWords creates a code snippet for you that you can add to all your online shop pages. This so-called ‚remarketing tag‘ enables you to determine which page is accessed most and by which Users. Via stored cookie IDs, AdWords is in the position to show user-specific ads on other websites. A successful remarketing strategy that wants to re-engage a User and stir their interest – but without being perceived as irritating spam – requires a sure instinct. Smarketer’s expertise and long-standing experience will help you coax potential buyers back to your online shop, thus increasing the chances of finalizing a sale.