AdWords Search: Your company top ranked

With Smarketer you have an experienced partner at your side that will reliably manage your AdWords account and guide you to the best possible marketing results. Certified AdWords experts support you in adopting a professional marketing strategy that gives you a more compelling online presence.

  1. AdWords: Google-run advertising system that gives service providers an online presence
  2. Pay-per-click: You determine how much you want to pay when someone clicks your AdWords ad
  3. Privileged positioning in Google’s search result lists
  4. Cleverly-chosen keywords to increase your sales
It would be difficult to find another advertising strategy that is as simple and efficient as Google AdWords. This advertising tool makes it possible to get your website placed at the very top of Google’s search result lists. And this privileged placing will generate more clicks and thus also more traffic to your website. Your Google AdWords ad is shown as a four-line text block above, beneath or to the right of the organic search results. This tool – also known as ‚pay-per-click‘ or ‚PPC‘ – is a method that is just as simple as it is ingenious. You determine how much you want to invest for your AdWords ad and only pay Google when someone clicks it. Using targeted keywords is what drives the success of your AdWords ad. The advantage is obvious: While conventional advertising reaches Users unfiltered, AdWords ads are customized to the search query. In other words, they offer Users exactly what they’re looking for.

Smarketer: Your Google AdWords experts

Don’t underestimate the complexity of Google AdWords. Creating an AdWords ad may be simple but – incorrectly handled – PPC advertising can quickly become expensive. Successfully operating this tool is an art in and of itself. Not only does it presuppose specialized knowledge; it also requires experience. This is where we – as AdWords experts – come into play. A professional advertising strategy pays dividends by ensuring that your ad stands out from the competition and is optimally placed. The key to success is a keyword analysis. Indeed, a User’s desires and needs are distilled in keywords. But you also need a well-structured account. We analyze the relevance and conversion rate of keywords for a reasonable price. Seize this opportunity to get an introduction, by our experts, to the diverse possibilities that Google AdWords can offer. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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