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Put your products on the scene

As part of our comprehensive AdWords services, Smarketer offers advice on establishing your own YouTube channel. We’ll devise targeted advertising strategies and help you optimize your channel. To effect the largest possible reach for your campaign, we also integrate your visual ads in the Google Display Network.

  1. AdWords for video: Pay-per-click for your YouTube videos
  2. Largest online video community (which also happens to be an important search engine!)
  3. Original advertising method with countless design options
  4. Direct contact with Users and the establishment of a fan base
Expand the reach of your marketing campaign with AdWords for YouTube. YouTube – as the largest online video community – also happens to be one of the most widely used search engines. Its huge popularity makes it ideally suited for marketing strategies. You stand to benefit from YouTube’s enormous User traffic, inexpensive PPC and the opportunity to stage your company in a unique way. Send a video message that is exquisitely customized to your potential customers and get into direct contact with them. A video ad that appeals to emotions and is persuasive through its individuality will resonate in people’s minds much longer than a text ad.

Google AdWords for YouTube

With Google AdWords you have a tool at your disposal to facilitate your YouTube advertising. AdWords-for-Video is an economical and effective advertising method for your own videos. And, as is true for AdWords text ads, you don’t have to pay until your video has been clicked. Your videos, however, aren’t limited to just YouTube. Indeed, AdWords allows you to integrate your visual advertising messages in the Google Display Network and takes advantage of context and group targeting alike.

How can you optimize your YouTube advertising?

Just like the text ads in Google’s search result lists, a huge number of YouTube videos are competing for our attention. In both cases, a clever marketing campaign is what makes the difference; it determines whether an ad is attention (click-) grabbing and effective or not. Rely on the counsel of our experts to make the most of your YouTube advertising efforts. As a certified Google AdWords agency, we have the savvy and wherewithal to make an accurate analysis of your advertising possibilities and take targeted measures for your campaign. We will configure your video ads to achieve best possible results. And our service doesn’t end with the devising of a plan and the piloting of your advertising campaign: We will manage your ads for the campaign’s entire duration. Your ad will be tweaked and adjusted as necessary to achieve a perfect ‚fit‘ for evolving market conditions.

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